Less time charting means more time to care.

Let your patients help.

Meet AtriaMD... A simple and secure web app for smoother visits and faster charting.

A headstart on documentation
Imagine having a succinct HPI and PMH ready for you before the encounter begins. That’s the AtriaMD advantage.
Incredibly simple
Our fast, streamlined interface and adaptive questioning makes the process a breeze for patients.
Smart questions, prepared patients
While answering our focused questions, your patients will have reflected on details like duration and aggravating factors. Be ready for more efficient and accurate histories.
Works on all devices
Smartphone, tablet, or desktop – as long as the patient has an internet connection, they can use AtriaMD. 
Deidentified for maximum privacy and protection 
Nothing is linked to any patient identifiers so privacy breaches are not a concern. (But we’re encrypted anyway, and all data is permanently deleted as soon as you are done with it.)
COVID-19 screening
Need to see your patient in person? We’ve got COVID screening covered. Reduced physical exposure time means increased safety for everyone.

Thanks for checking us out!

If you’d like to try this free for 30 days, and provide feedback, please connect.  (Our CONTACT form is in the main menu, under ‘About’, then ‘Contact Us’)

Some Sample Screens

TRY THE DEMO below!...

-Try a few different scenarios! 
-See what the Patient fills out, AND what you see
-Many other options, such as SMS and EMAIL invites
-Helps keep EMR documents standardized and clean
-The red frame simulates patients phone, tablet, or pc
  (Drag your screen up/down to show all of red frame)

Try the DEMO!

During the demo (in the Red Frame), as you progress to various points, you can see the extra tab “View Output” that shows what you (or your Admin) will be presented with, and will be able to copy and paste (we give you a button to make the process easy).

Just click “Restart” to try various progressions.

There are MILLIONS of possible directions the QA session can go, so feel free to try a few!

Once you’re ready to try it, just purchase a Demo Pak for $10 and you can fully test it in your clinic.

It’s safe and security compliant!

Pricing Information

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See our overview video...